We have been delighted by the number of people who have asked us, “Hey, how can I get involved with your organization?” And we are equally delighted to be able to say there are many ways people who love Nantucket can have a positive impact on the work we do. Here’s the complete list of opportunities:

Serve on a workgroup.
Workgroups do most of the heavy lifting around ACK•Now initiatives. We currently have four workgroups that meet regularly to develop ideas and work out the logistics for positive change on the island—Traffic & Parking, Government Engagement, Building & Zoning, and Housing. Many of the initiatives in these groups overlap so some members sit on more than one workgroup, depending upon their subject matter expertise and knowledge. Our goal is to keep our workgroups small, nimble and efficient, so if you have an interest, let us know (email: in**@ac****.org).

Be a part of the ACK•Now Pulse Group.
This is an informal group of islanders that we poll via email on a range of issues. Pulse group members help us by taking the pulse of their social and professional circles as well as by providing feedback on special initiatives we consider. They also help troubleshoot ACK•Now initiatives by helping us fully bake the ideas that come out of our workgroups. This is a great way to put your critical thinking skills to work. There are no meetings to go to and one can remain anonymous to other members of the group if they like. Sign up here.

Host a public listening event.
Got a good-sized social circle? Got a living room or space where a dozen or more people can have a conversation? Let’s get everyone together to discuss a specific area of focus and hear what your friends think. ACK•Now representatives will kick off the evening with a 5-minute presentation and a discussion prompt and we will help to moderate the discussion throughout the evening, but our real job at listening events is — surprise — to listen. As well as gather feedback and ideas. ACK•Now will provide refreshments and help with putting glasses in the dishwasher after your guests go home. There’s a listening event host sign up page, here.

Got an idea? Let us know.
A good idea can come from anywhere and we are always interested in your thinking and feedback. Who knows? Maybe your idea will become a new community initiative or the next measure put before Town Meeting. And we can help you realize that dream. The best way to convey your idea is through email or to meet in person to talk about it. Get the ball rolling by reaching out: in**@ac****.org

Read and comment on our content.
Our goal is to provide ample information to keep residents and voters informed and to energize people to get involved. Your consumption and comments help us do our best. Check out the content on our resources page. And sign up for our mailings at the bottom of this page.

Engage with town meetings and our local officials.
One of our most important jobs at ACK•Now is to ensure that voters and residents have the tools they need to make critical decisions about the island’s future. We hope to empower new voters and people who have had trouble accessing local government to go to board meetings, committee meetings and annual town meetings well equipped and ready for a lively discussion. After all, engagement is one of the most important qualities of a democracy.

Talk it up with friends.
There are approximately five minutes and 23 seconds between the time you order your two eggs bacon and toast at the Downeyflake and when it arrives. In that time, you have the opportunity to engage your breakfast companions with information and ideas that could make a real difference in the way this island moves forward. And it doesn’t have to be limited to breakfast either. Discussions of this kind are what we hope to help foster moving forward.

Sign up to receive ACK•Now mailings.
We email our subscribers at least once a week, and occasionally two or three times a week is there is an important action that needs to be taken or a time-sensitive matter that requires everyone’s attention. We will not abuse your inbox and you may opt-out at any time. Sign up here: