2020 vision. No pun intended.

As you may know, ACK•Now, as an organization, got up and running a few months ago. We had our 501(c)(4) designation, we had a bank account, and we had a post office box. 

Since then, we’ve been working out of a temporary office space that has been cleverly disguised as a few community coffee shops. And, in addition to a couple of articles at town meeting, we’ve been working behind the scenes to develop a plan for how the organization will move forward. Here is that plan. Please click on the graphic to go to the vision statement on our web site. There’s a lot to it. Something for everyone. And more than a few ideas, big and small, to talk about.

[Click this image to read the 2020 vision statement from ACK•Now]

This vision statement will be updated and improved as new data comes to light and new ideas spring forward. But the basic tenets will remain the same. Growth. Transportation. Housing. Supporting local government. These are our four areas of focus.

In a couple of weeks, we will have actual office space at 28B Easy Street (come see us!).  Here’s how you can help moving forward:


Please continue to support our vision, give us valuable feedback, and share our content going forward. There’s no secret handshake or special decoder ring required to be a part of this movement. The more people we reach, the more we can address the island’s quality-of-life issues.


It is critically important that we raise operating revenues and the money needed to lobby and develop programs for the island. We are relying on the support of everyone within the community — year-round and seasonal. You can access our donation page here


At ACK•Now, we truly believe that a vote is just as important as a donation. So please attend Annual Town Meeting and go to the polls on election day. Encourage your friends and family members to do the same. Talk about our initiatives. Agree or disagree. But let’s have the conversation. The island is at an inflection point and with a deeper understanding, we can make the changes needed to protect what the community loves about Nantucket. 

Thank you for caring enough to read and be involved. 

Have a great Sunday. 

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