Island Life Survey Thoughts Part Two

Last week we talked about one of the takeaways in the recently released ReMain Nantucket and Nantucket Data Platform Island Life Survey, and this week we’d like to look at results that center around our sense of community. The basic finding is that 92% of year-round residents and 86% of seasonal residents agree or strongly agree  “There is a strong sense of community on Nantucket.” Also, 88% of year-rounders and 75% of seasonal folks agree or strongly agree that they “feel like (they are) a part of the community.”

It’s worthwhile to repeat this fact. Overwhelmingly, year-rounders and seasonal people feel there is a strong sense of community on Nantucket and they feel they are a part of the fabric of the island. When one feels they are a part of something, they take ownership of it. They value it. They protect it. 

It does not hurt to remind ourselves about the importance of community. When we put Nantucket first, we often make different decisions than when we act purely out of our own self-interest and short term gain. 

It’s why our organization exists. If we can harness a sense of community and channel it toward measures that protect the things we all love about Nantucket, powerful things can happen. 

We encourage everyone to take a look at the entire Island Life Survey. Shining a light on these kinds of findings benefits the whole community. 

Have a great Sunday. 

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