A different kind of positive…

Things look different this year and sometimes the word different can mean good or bad. If you were to go into town, you might shudder at the empty streets due to restaurants and stores being closed. In this case, the word different doesn’t feel so great. But a few local businesses are trying to adapt in a way that makes different feel good. 

Lemon Press is no different than other restaurants that have been hit hard. General Manager, Rachel Afshari, says, “People are (still) hungry and although one way of looking at this pandemic is that people suddenly have lots of time, the truth is many are still working full time and taking care of their children.” 

That’s why Lemon Press is offering a meal kit service. They do it all; the planning, prepping, and chopping. And you know what the best part is? They deliver straight to your home – free of charge! 

Meanwhile, yoga and fitness studios that fuel our energy have gone viral moving classes online… 

Supta Yoga owner, Meg Rohrer, has been offering free yoga classes through Instagram. Like others, Meg has felt the strain on her business. She’s also felt overjoyed by the support her studio has received for being available. “People have sent generous donations and even love notes to my mailbox. I’m so thankful for this (social media) platform and our tight-knit community…”  

Nantucket Cycling and Fitness owner Lisa Wisentaner is offering workouts on YouTube. And though Lisa admits, “the online component of teaching to our clients has its challenges, and is something I’ve had to adapt to in a creative way.” She was sure to add that, “connecting with our clients through this platform not only fulfills our clients but it fulfills us (the staff) in ways we wouldn’t have imagined.”

At Cisco Brewers, Kian Ross, a year-round Brewery bartender says, “Things are definitely different, and we all miss seeing our customers, but it feels good to give back to the community.” The Brewery team recently donated over four gallons of hand sanitizer to the Town’s first responders and other personnel.  

The businesses we met with all agreed the island community is the driving force that keeps them going. And so the question is, what can we do to help island businesses get back up once all of this is over? It’s simple – keep it local.

Have a great Sunday. 

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