Communities monitor STRs with online solutions.

Last week, we obtained an updated list of Nantucket’s short-term rentals registered with the State. The list is now close to 2,000 STRs.

With so many STRs, how would the Town enforce any regulations?

There’s an easy answer. In the last decade, several online solutions have emerged to help municipalities with short-term rental compliance. It’s good news for towns and cities everywhere with limited staff and resources, property owners who need to register and comply, and neighbors who live next to a disruptive STR. 

One of these solutions, LodgingRevs, serves over 50 communities, including Telluride, Aspen, Maui, and Big Sky. Their customized packages offer services to:

  • Identify short-term rentals by scanning listings on Airbnb, VRBO, realtor sites and others
  • Automatically notify property owners about the online licensing process and bring them into compliance
  • Give government staff access to dashboards, reports, etc.
  • Offer a 24/7 hotline for support and complaints

Every STR registered in the database also has an emergency contact on file – someone who can quickly get to the property if there’s an issue to resolve. Last week’s front-page story in the Inky described how the Health Director had to fine the owner of 2 Atlantic Ave who rented to guests that refused to comply with emergency orders over the Fourth of July. Access to a database with property owners and contact information is needed.

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Julia Lindner
Executive Director

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