This week’s Inky coverage and a clarification.

This week’s edition of the Inquirer & Mirror presented arguments on both sides of Article 90, our proposed short-term rental licensing bylaw. I’m attaching the OpEd authored by our founding board member, Peter McCausland, if your newspaper copy hasn’t arrived yet. 

The other OpEd published that argued against the bylaw was authored by Henry Sanford – a Nantucket real estate professional and manager of inns and short-term rentals. It contains false accusations on ACKNow, including saying we’re using “affordable housing as a Trojan horse” to bring forward an agenda. Let me clarify. I’m proud to be part of the team at ACKNow. I have deep respect for our board members. Each of them has a history of helping the community to afford to live on the Island. From participating in creating the affordable housing covenant program, sponsoring a $20 million article for affordable housing projects to protect the Island from unfriendly 40Bs, helping to feed struggling families, and countless contributions to local non-profits, including those focused on helping children and families in need. 

Click here to download both OpEds.

As Peter says in his OpEd, the link between commercial short-term rentals and local housing shortages is documented in countless studies. Nantucket can’t build its way out of the housing crisis. It’s a problem that requires many solutions, and ACKNow is collaborating with others on exciting initiatives we will discuss next week. 

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