Land Council recommends YES on Article 90.

Environmental stewardship is perhaps one of the most important values for the Island community. It’s no surprise that so many voters put the Nantucket Land Council’s voter recommendation sheet on their shortlist of things to bring to Town Meeting. 

If you haven’t heard, the Land Council – the Island’s environmental watchdog – recommends a YES vote on Article 90. And if you misplace your insert from the Inky, don’t forget to print it: NLC 2021 Warrant Review

Here’s an excerpt from the organization’s email blast that relates to Article 90 – the Short-Term Rental Bylaw:

The NLC has spent considerable time discussing Article 90 and the short-term rental industry in the context of current development trends and impacts. As a component of the current rate and intensity of development on island which creates greater pressure on our fragile natural resources and impacts on the environment, island infrastructure, and quality of life, the NLC supports the regulation of investor owned short-term rentals and with recent amendments which reduces the hardship on island residents, supports Article 90. Please read our recommendations and associated comments for further details.

And if you’ve been too busy to read this week’s Inky, here’s our voter’s guide to Article 90.

It gives a full view of what’s at stake and why you should vote YES.

Setting aside Town Meeting, on this Memorial Day, let us remember the men and women who died while serving this great country.

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