Tobias Glidden – article sponsor and Chair of ACK•Now – will offer the following amended motion as a positive motion for Article 90.

The change is straightforward.

Year-round residents who want to short-term rent their primary residence (or part of it) are exempt from any limit on the number of days or minimum stay.*

This updated language maintains year-round residents’ ability to offer their home, back cottage, or garage apartment for weekends or weekly rentals throughout the year – making it easier to afford the house. And since they live there most of the time, they can monitor any issues and ensure their neighbors are happy.

Town Meeting is Saturday, June 5th.

For many of us Town Meeting goers, this will be the first time we vote electronically. We will be able to vote our conscience without being judged.

*Keep in mind any stay of 30 days or more is exempt from this bylaw.

Want to know more?

What are the reasons to support Article 90? Who is behind the opposition?

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