Will the real estate community make the step toward survival?

The results came early in yesterday’s Town Meeting. Article 90 garnered 32% of the abnormally large crowd, falling short of the majority required to pass. We want to extend a huge thank you to all our supporters who “tried” to make their voices heard. We expected this effort to take a couple of years – […]

Article 90 Amended Motion

As we communicated weeks ago, Tobias Glidden – the article 90 sponsor – will propose an Amended Motion on Town Meeting floor. Click here for the exact language. The change is straightforward: year-round residents who want to short-term rent their primary residence (or part of it) are exempt from any limits on the number of days or […]

Local leaders taking the lead in regulating STRs.

The pandemic has accelerated the rise of short-term rentals in vacation spots around the country. Most towns adopted zoning laws a long time ago and never contemplated this trend. Although it’s a heck of a lot easier to turn the other way, local governments are pushing forward with measures to balance the need for visitors […]

Amendment to Article 90 + response to false claims.

Here’s a note from Tobias Glidden, ACK•Now’s Chairman, and the sponsor of the Short-Term Rental Bylaw Article. It was sent to the Inky, but wasn’t published in this week’s edition: To the Editor, Thank you for your recent coverage on the critical topic of commercial short-term rentals. However, I respectfully disagree with the Editor’s suggestion that […]

This week’s Inky coverage and a clarification.

This week’s edition of the Inquirer & Mirror presented arguments on both sides of Article 90, our proposed short-term rental licensing bylaw. I’m attaching the OpEd authored by our founding board member, Peter McCausland, if your newspaper copy hasn’t arrived yet.  The other OpEd published that argued against the bylaw was authored by Henry Sanford – […]

215 new short-term rentals in 6 months.

The number of short-term rentals on the Island keeps growing. The State’s registry shows Nantucket added over 200 short-term rentals in just six months – that’s a 10% increase for a total of 2,215 registered short-term rentals by the end of 2020. Meanwhile, Nantucket is losing 65 year-round homes each year, despite a growing population. […]

ACK•NOW aims to protect the island and its community.

In case you haven’t had the chance to read the latest edition of the Inquirer & Mirror, here’s a letter to the editor we submitted. To the Editor, Last week Mr. Barnes wrote a letter to the editor with thoughts about ACK•Now and our proposed article on short-term rentals. Mr. Barnes acknowledges there’s a problem to […]

Airbnb to investors: communities want more control.

Airbnb started in 2007 when two guys rented out a room with an air mattress to earn extra cash. Last week, the company’s IPO confirmed the tech giant is worth over $100 billion. And CEO Brian Chesky admits one of the reasons they’ve been so successful is because they put inns and B&Bs out of […]

ACK•Now Chair states the facts.

Last week the Inquirer & Mirror reported on our short-term rental bylaw article to help protect year-round housing and island neighborhoods. Here’s a letter ACK•Now’s Chair, Tobias Glidden, sent to the Letterbag in response: To the Editor, Your recent coverage of the licensing bylaw proposed by ACK•Now to stem the impacts of short-term rentals on […]