Two types of STRs.

Our research shows communities typically put short-term rentals in one of two buckets: (1) homes that exist primarily to house residents (aka owner-occupied) and (2) investor-owned properties that exist to be rented. With the rise of Airbnb and VRBO, communities around the country have seen a shift in their housing supply towards investor-owned short-term rentals. […]

The road to housing leads to investor-owned short-term rentals.

Anna is our Community Outreach Specialist, and she’s one of the countless year-round residents aspiring to homeownership on Nantucket. We’re grateful she’s sharing her experience. After being on island for seven years, I thought I knew why owning a Nantucket home was so difficult. But our team’s research made me realize just how much investor-owned […]

Options for commercial short-term rentals.

Nantucket is attracting big businesses and investors to the short-term rental market. It’s exacerbating the housing crisis, disrupting the quality of life in neighborhoods, and straining the infrastructure and environment. The pandemic and aftermath will likely accelerate this trend.  But what are the community’s options? That’s the good news. Massachusetts offers municipalities a solid framework […]

Putting Nantucket ahead of investors.

We’ve mentioned that off-island individuals and businesses own 80% of the 2,000 short-term rentals registered with the State. A significant portion are investor-owners who decide Nantucket should be part of their rental portfolio. This group of owners, in particular, puts significant pressure on the island’s housing supply and cost, neighborhoods, infrastructure, and environment.  But not […]

Off-island owners dominate the market.

Since first publishing our white paper, people in the community have asked thoughtful questions like, who owns the nearly 2,000 short-term rentals registered with the State? And, how many of these have the potential to be housing for year-round residents? The answers are surprising. Going through the registry and identifying each short-term rental owner shows nearly […]

Talking short-term rentals with the Health Director.

In our last newsletter, we discussed how Nantucket lost over 600 year-round rentals from 2010 to 2018 – the same period during which Airbnb ballooned from 2,500 to millions of listings worldwide. A growing number of investors buying properties to turn them into short-term rentals has impacted our community, housing, infrastructure, and environment. But what […]

Are investor-owned rentals behind the housing crisis?

In New Orleans, San Francisco, and even in Martha’s Vineyard, housing advocates agree that short-term rentals have displaced long-term rentals for many years. Islanders know how difficult it is to find a decent – forget affordable – year-round rental. It’s harder than ever.   But what do we know about what’s been happening?   From 2010 to 2018, […]

Communities monitor STRs with online solutions.

Last week, we obtained an updated list of Nantucket’s short-term rentals registered with the State. The list is now close to 2,000 STRs. With so many STRs, how would the Town enforce any regulations? There’s an easy answer. In the last decade, several online solutions have emerged to help municipalities with short-term rental compliance. It’s good […]