Are investor-owned rentals behind the housing crisis?

In New Orleans, San Francisco, and even in Martha’s Vineyard, housing advocates agree that short-term rentals have displaced long-term rentals for many years. Islanders know how difficult it is to find a decent – forget affordable – year-round rental. It’s harder than ever.   But what do we know about what’s been happening?   From 2010 to 2018, […]

Communities monitor STRs with online solutions.

Last week, we obtained an updated list of Nantucket’s short-term rentals registered with the State. The list is now close to 2,000 STRs. With so many STRs, how would the Town enforce any regulations? There’s an easy answer. In the last decade, several online solutions have emerged to help municipalities with short-term rental compliance. It’s good […]

The community’s message to the Select Board.

The Nantucket community has a long history of coming together when it matters most, to make things right. This time it’s about Ashley Erisman and Mark Beale, two very qualified Conservation Commission incumbents who have served in a balanced fashion. They both deserve to be reappointed, but for some inexplicable reason, the Select Board’s replaced […]

The environment should be the priority.

Appointments to local boards, committees, and commissions are typically straightforward and predictable – the most qualified person is selected to serve. But this week left us shocked by the Select Board’s choice for a critical seat on the Conservation Commission. Like many, we thought the incumbent Chair with extensive scientific expertise and six years on […]

The Hamptons – before and after.

As we continue to investigate communities that have tried to strike a balance between the rising impact of short-term rentals and quality of life for residents, it’s hard to ignore a fellow getaway destination: The Hamptons. In East Hampton, residents had concerns that short-term rentals were disrupting residential neighborhoods, and that tenants and guests weren’t […]

The shorter version of our short-term rental work.

Perhaps you’ve been too busy to read last week’s white paper on short-term rentals and the impact they’ve had on Nantucket? If so, here’s a one-page summary with the highlights. Click the image to go directly to the full-size version. Not only have we been creating this piece, but we have also begun to make […]