Is change possible? Certainly.

This week we explore the impact on our lives of something we experience every day on Nantucket: Uncertainty.  As you know, our organization was founded around the idea of reversing the erosion of quality-of-life on Nantucket. But what exactly does that mean? Often when we talk about quality-of-life issues, we are zeroing in on those things […]

Thoughts on what divides Nantucket and what brings us together

Nantucket is often a peculiar place. There is an imaginary, yet obvious, divide here among several kinds of people.  The most often talked about is the division between people who were born on Nantucket (the natives) and those who were born somewhere else (the washashores). But it goes even deeper than that. There are some […]

A difference that makes all the difference

One of the important distinctions between ACK•Now and other non-profits that the recent press coverage did not touch upon is a point key to the organization’s core beliefs — a difference that, for many, should make all the difference. We are a 501(c)(4) non-profit. And not a 501(c)(3). So, what does this mean? First, it […]