7% Turnout

Only 7% of registered voters turned out for the 2018 Annual Town Meeting (630 of the 8927 registered), 25% voted at the ballot.[1]

50+ Volunteer Groups Running a “$300M business”

The Town has over 50 boards, committees, workgroups.[2] These elected and appointed officials, along with staff, administer an enterprise of $300M for operations and capital spending.[3]


  • Create outreach vehicles that help regular people feel comfortable with accessing and participating in local government
  • Develop content that people trust to better understand the issues outside of the “opinions” on social media
  • Work with local government to improve effectiveness, including significantly strengthening enforcement of existing regulations
  • Encourage the efficient reorganization of key government functions and processes
  • Strive to ensure that ACK•Now leads a shared community discussion moving forward
  • Ensure that town departments are adequately staffed for full enforcement of existing regulations and conditions surrounding development

[1] 2018 Annual Report, Town of Nantucket. [2] Town of Nantucket website. [3] 2019 Annual Town Meeting Warrant, Town of Nantucket.