32,000 Vehicles

During the peak of summer, there are roughly 32,000 vehicles on the island.[1] The majority of which are registered on-island.[2] Close to two vehicle for every man, woman, and child who lives here year-round.

1.4M Ferry Passengers

In 2018, the combined ferry services transported 1.4 million passengers to and from the island with over one-third of this activity taking place in July and August.[3]


  • Incentivize people to use alternative transportation
  • Strengthen the network of buses to off-site parking lots; make accessing public transportation frictionless
  • Complete bike paths and sidewalk projects in high-traffic areas
  • Enforce downtown parking and loading zone limits to ensure greater turnover and smoother deliveries
  • Introduce and make use of vehicle limited zones
  • Shared mobility and other technologies have the potential to revolutionize the way visitors and islanders traverse the island safely and cleanly in the near-to-mid term

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