ACK•Now Mission

ACK•Now Vision

  • By advocating for a shared community vision for Nantucket
  • Managing growth that is stable and considerate of community, environment, and infrastructure.
  • Developing compelling, innovative solutions for the lack of year-round housing that is affordable and stable for the community.
  • Offering a basket of transportation ideas that, when taken together, work to understand how much traffic our roads can reasonably hold and what can be done to relieve the congestion caused by too many vehicles competing for limited space on the roads.
  • Supporting forward-thinking government and civic leadership.

ACK•Now Values

  • Community engagement
  • Data-driven decisions
  • Open and honest dialogue
  • Transparency with our work
  • Collaboration with government and civic groups
  • Economic fairness
  • Advocacy for local and state policies in line with vision

ACK•Now core issues and potential solutions